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"A lot of fun, a little weird." That's me in a nutshell - a Christian, a creative spirit, a proud cat and plant mom (yes, they're thriving!), and a full-time Coach and Tech Executive with a side hustle addiction (who doesn't these days, right?). Plus, I moonlight as a part-time AEA Stage Manager, somehow managing to juggle it all.

I've created a welcoming space where we can fully express our quirky selves while embarking on a journey of self-discovery.

Plus, I'm all about tea, wine, and sometimes too much of both, resulting in some intriguing writings. So, here you are, probably getting more than you bargained for – welcome!

Take a leisurely stroll through the site to see what I've been cooking up. If something resonates with you, don't be shy; share in the comments because, as High School Musical wisely said, "we're all in this together." As for reading them, well, that's our little secret. Cheers to the wild ride!

- Black Business Owner - corporate event production company - event planner designer portfolio - Black Millennial Female - wedding planning blog

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