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Updated: Jul 6, 2020

I started 2020 without a job.

I was part of the majority of Newseum employees who found themselves coming out of the joyous Christmas season and into the unknown of unemployment.

Luckily, I had been steadily interviewing since November and had my hopes set on a job that seemed perfect ( work mostly remotely, six-figure salary in line with what I was demanding, and a few events each year that concluded within the first quarter). The interview was slated for a few weeks after the holidays.

Unfortunately, that one didn’t pan out.

With a background working within the Professional Theatre industry, unemployment is, in some ways, an expectation. I recall a class where my professor said, “Yes, Tanesha. You will be unemployed.” I’ve been unemployed previously. I’ve lived through months, not knowing when the next paycheck was coming.

I thought that a transition into the Events and Hospitality Industry, I had eliminated the uncertainty. I felt that I was “established.” Car paid for. Student Loans paid each month. A new Mortgage. Savings that I don’t have to touch.

Unemployment wasn’t part of this “established” life that I cultivated.

This wasn’t part of my plan. I was uncomfortable. I would consider this one of my “worst times.”

My church is exploring “Dumb Stuff Christians Say” and debunking them against what the Bible says. The #Blessed segment reminded me of some of these “worst times,” As I thought back on them, each of them showed to be some of the times where I felt closest to God.

My months of unemployment were a prime example of that. Of course, there were days of frustration, so much rejection, and times when I was ready to give up and capitalize on other God-given talents. However, there were so many times I felt utterly content throughout the job search and realized that I had everything I needed. It was the time spent with God during this time and my support circle that helped me re-realize just how Blessed I’ve always been.

This story currently has a “happy ending,” I got hired at a dream company with a dream team. When things return to normal, the drive to work is only 17 minutes. I can work from home amidst the pandemic.

But the real happy ending was learning to be content in any situation, recognizing that I have everything I need, and God’s doing His thing.

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1 Comment

I Love the way that you dependent on and Trusted God through the entire search for employment and realizing where your blessings come from. I loved the article. Jesus is our only hope and the only way. Love you Tanesha.

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