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I Don't Even Need A Coach

Updated: Apr 5

I don't even need a coach

It’s taken a while, and I, too, had to get some coaching around it. However, when introducing myself to new folks, I say, “I am a Coach.” 

Depending on the individual, the responses range from curious intrigue (one of my favorites) to skeptical side-eye (an interesting one) to plain-old confusion (girl, me too). 

Real talk: I didn’t set out to become a Coach. I was pretty content with the way my roller-coaster career was shaping up. I loved that I was a multi-faceted professional and that my journey didn’t resemble anyone else's. From managing backstages for Theatre producers to leading large-scale event strategies at companies like Salesforce, Under Armour, and Disney, I thought I had actually figured out this adulting thing.  

I don't even need a coach

Through some soul-searching and the help of a coach, I realized that my favorite part in all of those roles and experiences was helping individuals get to where they wanted to be and achieve their goals. Having the opportunity to play a small role as a manager or leader to guide others or give someone a different perspective was always the highlight of my day-to-day work in event strategy or building a team from scratch. 

So when I discovered the life-changing power of having an executive coach of my own at Salesforce, things started to pop into place like my knees used to at those high school dances. (Anyone remember “Pop, Lock, and Drop It?”) I was hooked as a client and as someone interested in forging my own path as an executive, career, and life coach. 

It’s been a journey! I’ve learned so much about myself and others. I thought my career was already fulfilling, but this is something else. This journey feels like I'm finally in alignment with my values, making a difference as part of something greater than myself.

So, why am I even bothering to tell you this in blog format? 

It comes down to the fact that I want every person I encounter to feel this, too. I want them to feel like they are working towards their purpose, making decisions and plans that align with their values, and living full out in the way that they see fit. And no, that may not look like becoming a coach. However, having a coach by your side makes a difference. I know I wouldn’t be here without mine. 

I don't even need a coach

You may be reading this and sipping a glass of wine, thinking, “I don’t even need a coach.” 

And you know what, you’re probably right. You probably don’t need a coach. 

Still, since you’re here reading anyway, let me give you a few reasons why you might want to consider:

  1. Non-judgemental support 

    1. If you’re in a life position, such as a parent, friend, or child, or a work position, such as an executive, manager, or leader, at any given moment, someone is counting on your support. Even in those vital roles that help them move forward, you also need support without judgment. Here, a partnership with a Coach shines because they offer a safe space that allows you to explore and grow with an agenda focused solely on your success and journey.  

  2. Embracing Your Expertise and Unlock Your Potential 

    1. As a client, you’re the expert in your own life. No one quite knows your life, emotions, and insights like you do. As a partner, a coach helps you tap into the expertise already inside of you, ask powerful questions, and guide you to a fresh perspective to help you unlock your full potential. Through uncovering hidden strengths and overcoming limiting beliefs together, a coach serves as a personal cheerleader to guide you toward your goals with clarity and confidence. 

  3. Live The Life You Want

    1. Partnering with a Coach helps you identify what’s most important to you and how you want to align your actions, decisions, and goals with your values. It is about making a plan to live fully, authentically, and on your own terms. 

I don't even need a coach

If you’re looking for ways to level up in your career, discover balance in your life, live more authentically, or navigate a transition, consider trying coaching. Who knows? It might just be the catalyst for your next big breakthrough. 

Ready to embrace your authenticity and cultivate meaningful connections? Take the next step with Full Out Coaching. Visit our website to learn more and schedule your complimentary consultation today. Let's embark on this transformative journey together!

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