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Silent but Deadly: Mastering the Move in Silence To Success

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Silent but Deadly: Mastering the Move in Silence To Success

There’s a whole idea around moving in silence, just like the “g” in “lasagna,” it’s present but not overt. Depending on the circumstances, the project itself, and other factors, taking advantage of some stealth modes approach can not only be necessary but incredibly impactful. 

Silent but Deadly: Mastering the Move in Silence To Success

At its core, moving in silence is about advancing toward our goals without letting anyone know about our progress or the significant changes occurring behind the scenes. I always imagine someone (maybe Professor Utonium from the Powerpuff Girls) locked inside their basement with no windows, chugging away at their latest invention. There are no sparks visible to the outside world or any sounds heard outside the walls, and everything that occurs in that space is blocked out from the world, allowing for additional focus and free-flowing creativity. 

There are powerful advantages to approaching our projects this way. 

Silent but Deadly: Mastering the Move in Silence To Success

For example, there are no distractions. By moving in silence, we don’t have to worry about someone unwanted popping up during our prime creative times, which is great for me because I don’t even recognize myself when I’m twirling around the craft room splattering paint on canvases. In addition, we have the space necessary to focus without losing our groove.

In addition, this silent setup allows us to avoid critics. Those who aren’t supportive and have something negative to say about whatever we are concocting are silenced as we shut ourselves away from the world’s external influences.

Another benefit of adopting the silent moving approach is that it’s a surprise unveiled to the world that can catch the haters off guard and build some intrigue when completed. Others may wonder what it took for us to get there and become even more curious since we birthed an impressive baby right under their noses.   

Silent but Deadly: Mastering the Move in Silence To Success

Moving in silence does come with some challenges. 

Long-term supporters may feel some kind of way that we didn’t take them on the journey or give them a chance to celebrate our process. Being so secretive could feel like a slight that we didn’t trust them or determine them worthy of being a member of our cone of silence. 

Working in silence may prevent us from receiving viable feedback that can help us improve our work. We run the risk of being so caught up in our own world that we miss out on pieces that could make this process even more impactful by leveraging the input of others. 

Silent but Deadly: Mastering the Move in Silence To Success

By shutting the world out, we also miss out on the collaborative nature of the helping hand that someone could offer us. Through various insights and unique perspectives, our creations can become something unique that we hadn’t initially set out to create. We lose out on these when going at it alone.   

Working in silence could also mean missing out on accountability. I am all for holding ourselves accountable on our own; however, there is beauty in that we can lean on others for this type of support, too. Sometimes, it’s challenging to stay on track, and without external pressure, we could falter in our momentum toward accomplishing our projects. 

So, what’s the best approach to maintaining our silent independence and confidentiality while working towards our projects and goals? As with everything, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. There are many options available when it comes to moving in silence. However, we don’t have to do it completely alone to make the impact we want to make. 

Silent but Deadly: Mastering the Move in Silence To Success

Determining the balance between Dexter’s secret laboratory and an episode of The Kardashians when it comes to navigating the exposure of our projects and goals is critical. Combining an external team of supportive confidants, family cheerleaders, and a coach in conjunction with our cocoon time ensures that we’re making the type of progress that is important to us and in alignment with our objectives. 

Coaches serve as a built-in confidant, nonjudgmental, supportive, guide, and accountability partner wrapped into one. They maintain confidentiality while partnering with us and don’t add additional pressure to share things that we’re not prepared to share or outside our comfort zone. Leveraging powerful questions to uncover blindspots and various perspectives, a coach places us in the expert seat of our own lives and projects. Finally, they are there to celebrate the wins right alongside us. 

Silent but Deadly: Mastering the Move in Silence To Success

Practical Steps: 

  • Establish Our Boundaries: Consider the formula for determining what we want to keep close to the chest or open to others as we embark on the journey of achieving our goals. 

  • Pick Our Team: Carefully select those few individuals or a coach who will maintain and respect privacy while encouraging, empowering, and providing helpful feedback. 

  • Celebrate Every Win: It’s easy to overlook the recognition of the achievements along the way. Make it a priority to congratulate ourselves and, if possible, share and celebrate with others the big and small steps toward accomplishing our silent projects. 

If you’re interested in strategically moving in silence but aren’t sure how to start or need a trusted partner to guide you, Full Out Coaching is here to help! Schedule your complimentary discovery session today and carve a path to success together. Uncover your true potential and navigate your goals with confidence and strategic stealth. Let’s get moving – quietly but powerfully!

Silent but Deadly: Mastering the Move in Silence To Success

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