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Lights, Camera, Coaching – How the Entertainment Industry Can Shine A Little Brighter

Lights, Camera, Coaching – How the Entertainment Industry Can Shine A Little Brighter 

I had a dream that I was coaching Cardi B. So, of course, I got some coaching around the subject because I firmly believe that God communicates with me through dreams and that dreams have meanings to help us move forward. Throughout the session, I realized that Cardi and other folks in the entertainment and performing arts industries are some of my favorite people to collaborate with and, like everyone else, could use some coaching. No matter where you look, it's evident that the world needs more God, art, and more coaching. 

Lights, Camera, Coaching – How the Entertainment Industry Can Shine A Little Brighter

Peeking behind the glitzy curtains and red carpets, there’s a world within the world that involves diving deeply into complex characters, putting on masks, and delivering performances that resonate with audiences worldwide. Art and entertainment are uniquely placed to transform, inspire, and ignite change in a fashion that many other industries simply cannot. 

I've seen a lot, from dancing in the spotlight to managing behind the scenes and producing performing arts magic with some of the most elite individuals. Even for those who are climbing ladders to uncover fame and fortune, there’s a craving for something more—a hunger for authenticity in a world of pyrotechnics. 

The entertainment industry has a special place in my heart. Growing up, I always felt the most comfortable performing in front of an audience, creating, or demonstrating a new dance move that I picked up watching MTV at 6 a.m. Putting on a show came naturally and was one of the many things my younger self got right that I’m fighting to get back to today. I know I wouldn’t be who I am without art and entertainment. 

Lights, Camera, Coaching – How the Entertainment Industry Can Shine A Little Brighter

As I journeyed deeper into this world professionally, I noticed the profound impact of art and entertainment on communities, society, and the world as a catalyst for change that mirrors every part of humanity back to us; creating these moments requires performers, crews, and staff to step into unfamiliar territories that can potentially challenge their very essence. Sometimes, the lines blur between the masks that artists, celebrities, and those involved in these creative industries wear, making it challenging to separate performance from personhood. 

Lights, Camera, Coaching – How the Entertainment Industry Can Shine A Little Brighter  - Tanesha Moody - Dancer

As a performer, there were times that I recall staring at myself in the dressing room to prepare for the performance mentally. I recall internally telling myself to activate the crazy for a specific performance where I was confined to an insane asylum. When playing the role of Ophelia, I had to prepare myself to die and step into that character mentally. 

As I write this, I realize I’ve played some really messed up and heavy roles in my performance career. What does that say about me? I’m not ready to decipher that today. 

Anyway. Wearing masks is a daily ritual for those within the performing arts and entertainment industries. Whether embodying roles, writing from a unique perspective, or simply maintaining public personas, those who are called to these professions find themselves straddling between reality and fiction. We must show up in ways that don’t align with our identities, core values, and beliefs to make a paycheck, inspire an audience, or create something with a lasting legacy and impact that only well-produced art can accomplish. It can be easy to lose sight of who we truly are. When that mask is so heavily affixed to our faces, separating the work and fiction from reality can be challenging. 

Lights, Camera, Coaching – How the Entertainment Industry Can Shine A Little Brighter

Adding on the layers of doubting ourselves, our self-worth, and if we even deserve the spotlight that we soak within, the navigation of life is even more challenging. It’s truly a gift and service to others to work within these industries and produce work that resonates with others, but we’re still imperfect individuals at our core trying to figure out this life-ing thing. 

My dream, starring Cardi B, was to remind me that coaching can serve as a spotlight in the entertainment and performing arts industry. It also may mean that your people should call me, Cardi! Some of my clients include performers, and it’s fulfilling to partner with them as they peel back layers, rediscover their authentic selves, and figure out what’s next – even those interested in transitioning from the performing arts into something else. Coaches and professionals in these creative sectors can work together to navigate the intricacies of personal identity, core values, and purpose so they perform thoroughly in life and on the stage. Coaching serves as a safe space to process, reflect, and grow that isn’t always found in the rehearsal studios or at the desk. 

Lights, Camera, Coaching – How the Entertainment Industry Can Shine A Little Brighter

Having the unique perspective of performing center stage and behind the scenes, there exists a place for coaching in every stage and area to create the most impactful art. I can imagine coaching taking place in filming locations, within rehearsal studios, or the conference rooms with entertainment executives, ensuring that each individual involved has the support and guidance to be the expert in their own life and crafts, empathy flows freely, and creativity is unhinged, significantly impacting the team and the finished product. Everyone ranging from dancers, actors, writers, lighting designers, wig assistants, and producers, can collaborate with a coach to explore their craft, unlock their full potential, and move forward in their artistic journey. 

Lights, Camera, Coaching – How the Entertainment Industry Can Shine A Little Brighter

By integrating coaching into every aspect of the entertainment and performing arts industry on the ground floor, we have an opportunity to create a culture of authenticity, empathy, and growth—a culture where everyone has a chance to thrive. This culture resonates with the audiences that partake in the finished work while also making a profit. Talk about a full sweep of awards! 


  • Embrace the Gifts of Entertainment/Performing Arts + Coaching: Together, these have the opportunity to transform the world and inspire change

  • Foster Authenticity: In an industry often veiled by masks and personas, coaching offers a sanctuary for performers and professionals to delve into their true selves. Authenticity isn't just a goal; it's a right we all deserve.

  • Entertainment and Coaching for All: Whether you're a seasoned star, an emerging talent, a behind-the-scenes maestro, or an innovative production team, coaching serves as a vital compass for unlocking your boundless potential and navigating the intricate landscapes of the entertainment realm.

Ready to unmask your true potential and reshape the entertainment industry from within? Partner with Full Out Coaching and journey towards authenticity, success, and fulfillment. Whether you're a rising star, a seasoned executive, or a performing arts or entertainment company, we're here to support you every step of the way. Together, we'll create a future where artistry thrives, performers flourish, and masks are worn only on stage. Schedule your complimentary discovery session today, and let's make magic happen on and off the screen. It's time to shine a spotlight on the real you.

Lights, Camera, Coaching – How the Entertainment Industry Can Shine A Little Brighter

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