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Getting to Happy

An honest moment -- this was the first Terry McMillian book I’ve read. I always felt that her books targeted my mom’s generation instead of Millennials. Although I thoroughly enjoyed the movie versions of Waiting to Exhale and How Stella Got Her Groove Back, my interest was never piqued enough to read them.

However, I’m thrilled I took the plunge into Getting to Happy.

Although the intertwined stories of Bernadette, Robin, Savannah, and Gloria felt that I was peeking into the unspoken lives of my mom and her girlfriends, there was a lining present that resonated with my life, friendships, and current challenges.

Even without reading the predecessor to this book, I felt like I knew the characters like I know my side-boob is poking out in those sweaty club pictures. If you’ve been dancing at a club in the past decade, you know what I’m talking about!

Their lows felt so relevant -- overcoming mental challenges, failed relationships, unexpected life changes. However, their highs resonated so well -- finding new hobbies, traveling solo, spending unnecessary money (I bought three pairs of shoes yesterday), cherishing relationships.

Witnessing how this group of girlfriends gracefully navigated their lives and relationships, made me feel incredibly grateful for the girlfriends in my life. Being the world’s absolute worst texter and my friends scattered around the globe, I feel their support and love from miles away.

If you’re looking for a real, funny, sassy, and relatable book, one that will make you wish you could laugh alongside your girlfriends in-person, look no further than Terry McMillian’s Getting to Happy.

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