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Female Intelligence

Female Intelligence demonstrates the importance of a great title. Upon picking up, I totally thought this book was going to be about some super sophisticated, undercover, woman spy. However, that wasn’t the case.

Jane Keller’s Female Intelligence follows Dr. Lynn Wyman as she teaches men the fabulous language of “Woman Speak” through her Wyman Method to help them communicate better with women in the workplace or their relationships. Lynn is killing it. That is until her life crumbles as her fluent in Woman Speak husband cheats on her, and her reputation as a communication expert is called into question publicly.

As any woman in the middle of a life crisis does, she concocts a plan using what she knows. She uses the Wyman Method she’s spent her entire career developing on America’s Toughest Boss, CEO Brandon Brock, and seeks to turn him into America’s Most Sensitive Boss. In the process, she hopes to set her career and life back on track.

Overall, the book was predictable but enjoyable as you decide to avoid any cliches or gender stereotypes. I appreciated the quick read, the hilarious bits, and the literary drama. It’s a great read if you’re looking for something playful and not too much substance (which is where I was after reading all about the BRRRR method!). Female Intelligence makes for a perfect bath-time read.

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