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Bidet Love.

Bidet Love.

My private areas will never be the same. It’s difficult to express how sitting on the toilet has become one of the things I look forward to most in my daily work from home activities.

At the beginning of the Pandemic, people went crazy for a few things -- Toilet Paper and Water Bottles. It was crazy. I haven’t recovered from the continual shaking of my head from how individuals responded.

I got lucky with just enough toilet paper for myself. However, I started thinking that there had to be another way!

Enter my memories of traveling abroad in my youth and that famous scene from BAPS with Halle Berry’s Orange jumpsuit slipping all over the “number one toilet.”

Thankful for Amazon. I found what would cause my toilet paper use to dwindle and for a little lift in my nose as I watched uncivilized people fight over the last pack of Angel Soft.

I did a bit of digging because after being Enlightened by the beauty that is the Bidet, I couldn’t fathom why America hasn’t hopped on board. At no surprise, America’s prudeness has led to us missing out once again. Whoever decided that to have a clean woo-ha was the equivalent of immorality is beyond me.

For my ladies, the Bidet with the feminine setting is the holy grail! Perfect for that time of the month, you’ll look forward to the clean feeling after every go!

No matter what jewels hide within your underwear (or lack thereof, no judgment!), you can’t go wrong with Bidet’s addition in your powder rooms.

Guests may even believe you’re more civilized than you appear!

Easy to say, my Bidet will be the thing that I will miss most when I am forced to return to working in the office post-COVID.

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