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Mo' Shoes, Mo' Storage

Shoe Storage Build

Of all the beautiful qualities I’ve inherited from my mom, the obsession with shopping and shoes could have skipped a generation.

Unfortunately (or fortunately!), I currently have a shoe collection that rivals my mother’s even after striving to go a different direction.

So, with so many shoes, the question becomes where to store all of them!

My home came with a walk-in closet, which was a blessing! However, that space rapidly filled, but still left a problem. When guests came to visit, and I requested that they removed their shoes, there wasn’t a place to pop them in the foyer. Besides, I had also run out of options on where to store my own!

Enter this DIY solution that saved the day!

I knew that I wanted the flexibility to expand as my shoe collection diminished (LOL) while also being able to store other foyer-ish items. Also, I knew taking advantage of the vertical space that the two-story foyer offered while fitting in with the bright color scheme was the way to go.

Enter Gladiator Garage Works. These panels are perfect for wall storage within the garage but offer so much versatility elsewhere.

They have a whole storage system with a plethora of options.

  1. Measure the area you’re working with

  2. If space is shorter than the 48-inch panels, you’ll need to cut them utilizing a miter saw or circular saw

  3. I decided to cut both of mine down to 24 inches each

  4. If you’re interested in changing the color, here’s where you’ll want to complete that

  5. I highly suggest Rustoleum Spray Paint! I used this fantastic teal that highlighted the blue within my multi-colored rug and kitchen!

  1. After two coats to completely cover the grooves and sides, I finished with a Clear Top Coat

  1. After all the pieces are dry, it’s time to assemble and attach to the wall! Use a stud finder to locate the studs in your wall

  2. Ensure your slat is level and screw flush to the wall

  3. Continue to slide the ends into one another for a snug stack

  4. What’s incredible about Gladiator’s panels is that they fit seamlessly together on the bottom and the top

  5. I wound up with 4 24” slat pieces stacked upon one another, then slid the custom shelves into place, leaving enough space between them.

Here’s the finished product!

All shoes are off the floor AND there’s plenty of shoes for guests when they come to visit!

What are your thoughts or suggestions?

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