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How to Get Ready in 15 Minutes

How to get ready in 15 minutes.

I’m one of those unicorn women who can get ready in 10 minutes and actually look presentable. Presentable in my opinion is covering my boobs and ensuring nothing is stuck in my teeth.

I blame all of those years of dance, specifically in high school, when our recitals consisted of back to back pieces that the whole dance company was a part of. We barely had 1 minute to quick-change into costumes and performance characters as necessary.

Today, I’m rarely getting ready to perform jetes in a leotard, but “all the world’s a stage.”

Here are some of my tips that set me up for success when time is of the essence.

  1. Pick out your outfit the day (or a week before)

    1. Many of us select an outfit based upon how we feel that day. That tactic should be reserved when there isn’t a time crunch. If you need to be at your meeting at 8:30 am, and it’s currently 8:03 am, you would hate to find yourself in the case of “I have nothing to wear!” Pick out your outfit the night before, so you have one less decision to make. Ever wonder why Tech CEOs wear the same thing every day? Decision-Fatigue is a real thing. If you’re a stickler to dressing how you feel, maybe reserve the time to choose a pair of undergarments or accessories that reflect if your cold-hearted or puppy-loving soul is present today

  2. Conquer Chores before bed

    1. If you know that the morning is going to turn into a doozy, take some time the night before to handle those things that can’t wait. Washing and putting the dishes away, packing your lunch, or setting the coffee pot to auto-start makes all the differences when the minutes to get ready are at a premium

  3. Keep you Beauty Routine to a Minimum

    1. Not everyone has this luxury, some of us need more work than others to not scare away clients after rolling out of bed. However, there are unique ways that your beauty routine can be set for success when time is not your friend. For me, prepping my hair the night before and tying it down while sleeping ensures that my curls aren’t out of place in the morning. Also, some steps in your facial regime can be combined. Save yourself some time by identifying when you can create a beauty cocktail to accomplish multiple steps within a single one.

  4. Make it A Competition

    1. If you’re like me, a little competition never hurts. Set a timer, so you’re racing against yourself. Or include a family member (hey, mom!), significant other, or friend in on the challenge to see who can be ready first. Hopefully, this will also result in everyone showing up on time. *side-eye

I hope these tips and tricks help make those days when ten minutes is all you get seem like a blessing in disguise. Yes, beauty takes time -- but a little preparation goes a long way.

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