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"A lot of fun, a little weird." Feel that summarizes me in a nutshell. Happen also to be a Christian, Creative, Cat, and Plant Mom (happy to report most are thriving!), working full-time in Tech as an Executive, operating a few side businesses (because who doesn't have a side hustle these days?), part-time AEA Stage Manager, and somehow managing to survive. 

I wanted a safe place where we all could bring our whole selves (myself included!) while learning about who we are in the process. In addition, I love thinking and exploring (and sometimes drinking too much) tea and wine, which results in writings that sometimes make sense! Thus, here you are on a site peeking into probably more than you bargained for. Welcome! 

Make yourself cozy on the site to see what I’ve been up to. Feel free to share in the comments anything that resonates (because, as High School Musical said, "we're all in this together"). I may or may not read them :) Cheers!

- Black Business Owner - corporate event production company - event planner designer portfolio - Black Millennial Female - wedding planning blog

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