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I'm Tanesha Moody! I'm recognized as one of Bizbash’s Top 500 Most Influential Event Pros in the US & Fresh Faces – Event Pros to Keep Your Eye On.

With a background in professional performing arts, including as an AEA (Actors Equity Association) Stage Manager on Broadway's First National Tour of Mean Girls., I bring a unique blend of creativity and strategic thinking to the table.

As a results-driven Strategic Marketing Executive, I'm about turning ideas into reality, solving creative challenges, and nurturing future business leaders. I've defined strategies and produced game-changing projects for big players like Under Armour and Salesforce.

It’s been amazing to play an integral role in the:

  • Creation of large-scale immersive experiences at the Disney Event Group,

  • Driving hotel revenue at ICE’s holiday immersive experience while managing a team of almost 200 at Marriott,

  • Successfully cultivating productions from an audio-visual perspective with PSAV (Encore).


As Head of Global Corporate Events, I successfully defined the strategies and produced business-critical activations at Under Armour. At Salesforce, I combine my unique skill set to enhance the attendee experience and tell our Customer Brand Story.


My passion for bringing people together, trying new things (even if it means learning from the occasional stumble), and understanding that business can change the world drives me in this industry. But my true fulfillment comes from leading, inspiring, and guiding others to reach their full potential and achieve their dreams.

When I'm not immersed in exciting projects, you'll find me chilling with my cat, Kiwi, engrossed in multiple books, or embarking on thrilling travel adventures.

My Role - Director, Field and Events Marketing

Partners - Splash, Ion Exhibits, Freeman

Total Attendees: 10 to 35,000

Budgets: $100,000 to $10,000,000

  • Global Field and Events Marketing Strategy:

    • Developed brand-right playbooks, toolkits, and event guidelines to drive consistency and scale globally, starting in the EMEA region, including communication strategy to build excitement pre- and post-event, standardized Bolt fun moments, and templates. 

    • Researched, sourced, and onboarded new vendors and agency partners to create brand consistency across all event experiences 

    • Managed and built a team from conception consisting of managers of managers and agency partners 

  • Industry Events: 

    • Created branded, buzz-worthy, and unique activations at large-scale industry events, including NRF, eTail West, Shoptalk, etc. Surprised and delighted customers with swag that highlighted Bolt customers and were fun, including a champagne toast. 

    • Cultivated an attendee journey from the first communications invitation, to out-of-home marketing activations, to the booth experience itself

  • Highlights:

    • 200+ Net New Logos 

    • ​10% active Pipeline Influenced 

    • 1232 Items of Swag Distributed

Bolt Event
Bolt Event
SF Event
SF Event

My Role - Director, Strate
gic Events 

Partners - George P. Johnson, Sparks, Freeman, PSAV/Encore

Total Attendees: 3,000 to 100,000

Budgets: $10,000,000 to $75,000,000

  • Global Product Integration, Campground, and Expo Brand Experience and Strategy:

  • ​Strategized, developed, and currently implementing a consistent, creative attendee journey from pre-event to on-site to create an experiential immersion of the Salesforce Brand, products, clouds, innovative technologies, and solutions within the entire Salesforce global event portfolio to drive revenue, influence pipeline, and bring solutions to life in-person

  • Developing brand-right fashions to tell the Salesforce story and focus on Customers through creative, space optimization, floorplan layout, surprise, delight tactics, and effective communication from pre-event to post-event with clear call-to-actions. Designing event guidelines, toolkits, and playbooks that can scale globally 

  • Driving consistency throughout events regarding signage and innovation in the shape of digitalization, sustainability, overall production experience (keynote and other content), and overall attendee journey 

  • Managing and building a team of managers of managers, contractors, and agency partners to create experiences at flagship events (Dreamforce, World Tours, Trailblazer DX, Tableau Conference)

  • Highlights:

  • Overseeing budget for events ranging from $10 to $75 million

  • Cultivating a strategy to effectively manage, quality control, and maximize the use of large-scale inventory  

Under Armour Event

Under Armour
My Role - Head, Global Corporate Events

Partners - PRG, VIVA Creative, PreCon, Giant Spoon, Media Monks, Splash

Total Attendees: 10 to 15,000

Budgets: $20,000 to $1,500,000

  • Global Corporate Events Strategy 

    • Cultivated a comprehensive event strategy across Under Armour’s Global Corporate Events, ensuring consistency in branded event experiences 

    • Created Toolkits and Playbooks to equip internal teammates with the processes, templates, external agency partners, and other pertinent information scaling branded events globally within EMEA, APAC, LATAM, and NAM regions

    • Managed and built a team from conception consisting of managers of managers, contractors, and agency partners 

    • Highlights:

      • Playbooks and Toolkits leveraged by multiple teams to create over 20 in-region events individually within the first six months

Under Armour
My Role - Head, Global Corporate Events

Partners - VIVA Creative Splash

Total Attendees: 15,000

Budget: $1,500,000

  • Armour Day:

    • Strategized, drove and successfully created a hybrid (in-person and virtual) branded global event experience from ideation to execution to post-event experience while determining specific goals and data-driven measurements for the event’s success. 

    • Successfully gathered approximately 15,000 global teammates to amplify the Under Armour Brand and report future Business initiatives and innovations. 

    • Attendees connected while having fun through surprises and delight like Athlete and Celebrity appearances, gamification, and giving back to communities.

    • Creatively spearheaded the creating and Intentionally weaving in the branded theme from the initial invitations/calendar holds to build and generate excitement, tell a consistent brand story, and drive the attendee journey through the in-person and virtual environments, swag, keynote experience, and other touch-points. 

  • Additional Stats:

    • The unexpected cancellation of a high-profile speaker due to COVID resulted in sourcing an internal replacement that could build excitement and keep the show going. 

    • Awarded and distributed globally over 3000 prizes

    • Attendees achieved over 1,000,000 gamification and engagement points

    • Net Promoter Score - 91

    • Over 5000 logged community hours 

    • 5-day long immersive event experience 

Under Armour Event
Under Armour Event
Under Armour Event
Under Armour Event
Under Armour Event

Under Armour
My Role - Head, Global Corporate Events

Partners - VIVA Creative Splash

Total Attendees: 5,000

Budget: $500,000

  • Go-to-Market Summit:

    • Strategized, drove, and successfully created a branded global event experience from ideation to execution to post-event experience designed to equip internal Sales teammates with tools, resources, inspiration, excitement, and knowledge to sell within the region effectively 

    • Fully immersed over 5,000 internal teammates within a branded experience virtually through incorporating a consistent brand experience woven throughout the invitation process, content sessions, swag, networking sessions, and other attendee journey touch-points

  • Highlights:

    • Budget $500,000, resulting in exceeding Sales on Target Goal by 25%

    • 96% Positive Seller Experience 

    • Due to COVID, created branded, immersive experience within a condensed 6-week turnaround time. 

    • Researched, sourced, and onboarded new vendors and agency partners to create the virtual space while successfully pitching and receiving buy-in from Executive Leadership (CEO, Founder, CMO, and CPO)

    • 3-day long immersive, virtual event experience

My Role - Manager, Conferences, and Special Services

Partners - PSAV/Encore, Design Foundry, Others

Total Attendees: 100 to 3500

Budgets: $40,000 to $1,500,000

  • Conferences and Special Services Strategy: 

    • Oversaw the complete lifecycle of B2B events while driving revenue, client retention, and sales goals 

    • Optimized attendee experience, creatively manipulated the space to align with the overall event goals for clients, liaised with internal and external partners to successfully transform the blank spaces of the Newsem until immersive, experiential events 

  • Highlights:

    • Consistently requested as a strategic partner for return clients

    • Generated over 1.9 million in revenue in one year

    • Worked with a variety of clients ranging from Tech Companies, Movie Productions, Education, and Hospitality industries 

    • High-level events included appearances by White House officials, dignitaries, celebrities, secret service, and entertainers 

    • Customized templates and language to drive consistency and streamline the proposal process

    • Produced monthly live-broadcast productions with The Hill 

Newseum Event
Newseum Event
Newseum Event
Marriott Event
Marriott Event

Marriott - Gaylord National
My Role - Manager, Special Events and Entertainment

Partners - Freeman, PSAV/Encore 

Total Attendees: 160,000+

Budgets: $1,000,000 to $3,500,000

  • Gaylord National’s Christmas on the Potomac Featuring ICE!:

    • Involved in the overall strategy, brand creative, and operationalization of cultivating a unique, holiday, immersive experience for the public

    • Facilitated crafted designed experiences for attendees that increased revenue, such as custom-produced live theatrical production, interactions with Mr. and Mrs. Claus, indoor ice-skating, food and beverage, Character-themed breakfast, Nightly Christmas-tree lighting show, Build-a-Bear Workshop Scavenger Hunt, and other brand-engagements to drive the overall attendee journey 

  • Highlights:

    • Generated more than double the return on investment for hotel property

    • Managed, mentored, and coached a team of almost 200, including managers of other managers 

    • Over 100,000 square feet of holiday-themed immersive experience

    • Over 2 million pounds of brightly colored and hand-carved, larger-than-life ice sculptures (including an Ice Slide) created by master artisans from Harbin, China, within 30 days

    • 9 Degrees Fahrenheit inside ICE! tent

Under Armour

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